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Quiz time

1) Which of the following Saint known as "Mahboob-ae-Dilli"
Ans. Nizammuddin Aulia

2) The Coin "Rupia" was first issued by:
Ans. Akbar

3) How many Central universities are there in India?

4)who was the first European to translate the Bhagwat Gita into English?
Ans. Charles Wilkins

5)Tuzuk-i-baburi was a autabiography written by babur in which language
Ans. Turkish

6) Which mughal emperor was also known as Qalandar?
Ans. babur

7) In 2003, Indian Railways Has completed?
Ans. 150 Years.

8)Which Indian Bank has the highest branches abroad?
Ans. SBI

9) The first Premature dissolution at the lok sabha took place in the year?
Ans. 1970

10) Tasleema's Nasreen's Autobiography?
Ans. Dwekhandita

11) The Office of District collector was created by?
Ans. Warren Hastings

12) what is the national sport of Greece?
Ans. Soccer

13) Which indian hockey player has a road named after him in germany?
Ans. Roop singh

14) In which year was men's hockey included in the Olympics?
Ans. 1924

15) Who gave Kapil Dev the nickname "Harayana Hurricane"?
Ans. Guinness Book of World Records.

16) Which cricketer, after his retirement from the game, served as India's High Commissioner in Australia?
Ans. K. S. Duleepsinghji

17) Who was the only cricketer to feature on a currency note of his country?
Ans. Sir Frank Worrell

18) In the history of Indian Cricket what 'first' does Faroukh Engineer have to his credit?
Ans. He was the first Indian to play County cricket ( for Lancashire in 1968)

19) Who was the only player dismissed for duck in the 1983 World Cup cricket final?
Ans. Kirti Azad (India)

20) Who was the first Hindu to play for the Pakistan national cricket team?
Ans. Anil Dalpat (wicket-keeper)

21) Which Australian cricketer, is nicknamed "Herby"?
Ans. Allan Border.

22) Who scored 99, 98 and 97 in three successive Test innings?
Ans. Clem Hill (Australia), 1902,

23) What is the importance of 14 Dec 1960 in Sports?
Ans. For the first time in cricket history a Test match was tied.

24) Who was the first victim of Kapil Dev in One day Internationals?
Ans. Imran Khan of Pakistan (Quetta October 1, 1978 his first match)

25) Who claimed the first wicket in Test cricket?
Ans. Allen Hill of England

26) "She was initially named Jeevan by her father, but later changed the name. By what name is this singer better known now? "
Ans. Norah Jones

27) Which former Miss India created history by deciding not to take part in the Miss Universe competition?
Ans. Nalini Vishwanathan 

28) Which is the youngest and oldest of the new world religions?
Ans. Sikhism  and Hinduism

29) In the 1980 film Kalyug which modern day actress played the role of Rekha's son?
Ans. Urmila Matondkar 

30) Which is the national animal of Nepal?
Ans. Cow 

31) In which Indian state would you find the largest church of Asia?
Ans. Goa 

32) The country Suriname is in which continent?
Ans. South America 

33) Where was the Durand Cup football tournament first played?
Ans. Shimla 

34) JPY is the currency code of which country?
Ans. Japan

35) Who was the captain of India in Sachin Tendulkar's debut Test?
Ans. Krishnamachari Srikkanth 

36) Which planet was discovered by William Herschel in 1781?
Ans. Uranus 

37) Which country is the world's largest producer of wheat?
Ans. China 

38) How do we better know a pugilist?
Ans. Boxer 

39) Who wrote the poem 'Venus and Adonis'?
Ans. William Shakespeare 

40) How is Sampooran Singh better known?
Ans. Gulzar

41) A.S Dilip Kumar is the original name of which famous music director?
Ans. A.R Rahman

42) Which company was founded in 1924 by a former cash register salesman Thomas Watson?
Ans. IBM

43) Which Indian politician wrote 'Flight to Parliament'?
Ans. Rajesh Pilot

44) Who among these was the first to climb Mt. Everest without oxygen?
Ans. Phu Dorjee 

45) "In computers, which term is used to refer to a collection of databases?"
Ans. Databank

46) What type of a creature is a mamba?
Ans. A snake 

47) In which of these lakes are the Honeymoon Island and the Breakfast Island situated?
Ans. Chilka Lake 

48) Which Indian President received the Templeton Prize in 1975?
Ans. Dr. S. Radhakrishnan 

49) Which was the first Indian film to be nominated for the Oscar?
Ans. Mother India

50) Holi is celebrated in the month of ________ .
Ans. Phalguna

51) Which city is the headquarters of the SAARC?
Ans. Kathmandu 

52) Which U.S president won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1906?
Ans Theodore Roosevelt 

53) Which animal is given or lent to other countries by the Chinese government as a mark of friendship?

54) What is the more popular name of the Alsatian breed of dogs?
Ans. German Shepherd 

55) Which is used to refer to data transfer rates in modem?
Ans. Cps

56) On which island were the extinct bird dodo found?
Ans. Mauritius 

57) "Sourav Ganguly, Virender Sehwag, Pravin Amre" what have in common ?
Ans. Century on Test debut 

58) "In the English translation of Rabindranath Tagore's 'Gitanjali', which famous poet wrote the introduction? "
Ans. W.B. Yeats 

59) 'Tarkash' is a collection of Urdu poetry by which famous lyricist?
Ans. Javed Akhtar

60) Which former US president devised the name 'United Nations'?
Ans. Franklin D. Roosevelt 

61) Which Indian won a Grammy award in the 2002 Grammy Awards?
Ans. Pandit Ravi Shankar

62) Aristotle was the teacher of which famous emperor?
Ans. Alexander the Great 

63) "In 1980, the Indian government issued a stamp to honour which hockey legend?"
Ans. Dhyan Chand

64) Which of these actors played a negative role in Steven Spielberg's 'Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom'?
Ans. Amrish Puri 

65) Who is the only cricketer to have played Test cricket for both England and India?
Ans. Iftikhar Ali Khan Pataudi 

66) How is Badruddin Jamaluddin Kazi better known?
Ans Johnny Walker 

67) Which of these games is also called 'Ping-Pong'?
Ans. Table tennis 

68) Who has won the Nobel Prize twice?
Ans. Marie Curie

69) Who played the role of the young Raj Kapoor in the film 'Awara'?
Ans. Shashi Kapoor 

70) Which of these computer languages was developed from an earlier language BCPL?
Ans. C

71) Which country was ruled by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk?
Ans. Turkey 

72) By what name is the software program Multiplan now known?
Ans. MS Excel 

73) By what name is actor R.K. Tuli better known?
Ans. Rajendra Kumar

74) "In 1640, which city was founded by Francis Day ?"
Ans. Madras

75) "In computers, what is the full form of OMR?"
Ans. Optical Mark Reading

76)  Which famous director is the nephew of Dev Anand?
Ans. Shekhar Kapur

77) "In computers, which of these terms is used to refer to a temporary memory for data?"
Ans. Buffer

78) Who used the screen name 'Baby Rani' as a child actress?
Ans. Nargis

79) Who was the last ruler of the Delhi Sultanate ?
Ans. Ibrahim Lodi

80) Who was the first Asian to swim across the English Channel?
Ans. Mihir Sen 

81) Who was the first Indian to participate in the Wimbledon tennis tournament?
Ans. Sardar Nihal Singh 

82) Which is the most used metal in the world?
Ans. Iron 

83) Who was the first Roman Catholic president of USA?
Ans. John F. Kennedy 

84) Name the first artificial satellite launched by man.
Ans. Sputnik 1

85) "In Germany, who among these was known as Kaiser?"
ans. Emperor 

86)  Which of these cities is both in Europe and Asia?

87) Which is the longest river in Asia?

88) Which  Indian actresses acted in the film 'City of Joy'?
ans. Shabana Azmi 

89) Which game was once known as battledore?
Ans. Badminton

90) In which continent is the Gibson Desert?
Ans. Australia

91) Which is the hardest naturally occurring substance known to man?
Ans. Diamond 

92) What was the name of the first personal computer?
Ans. Altair

93) Which planet was discovered by the American astronomer Clyde W.Tombaugh?
Ans. Pluto  

94) "Which of these elements was discovered by Pierre Curie, Marie Curie and G. Bemont?"
ans. Radium

95) What do we call a device for connecting computer network that has the facilities of both a bridge and a router?
Ans. Brouter 

96) After which Prime Minister was Connaught Place renamed?
Ans. Rajiv Gandhi

97) Which hill station of India became an autonomous state in 1970?
Ans. Meghalaya

98) Which city became the capital of Punjab immediately after Independence?
Ans. Shimla

99) Who was given the title of 'Kavi Priya' by Akbar?
Ans. Birbal

100) Which term is used to describe a computer having the characteristics of both digital and analog computers?
Ans. Hybrid computer 

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Crossword time

Famous 10 Theme Parks in India

Adventure Parks or Theme Parks are one of the life lines of Big Cities of India. Being one of the best weekend family entertainers these welcome people with a variety of rides, water park, shopping mall and various food courts. With imported rides and fun, these Theme Parks make a important part of Indian Middle Class. Read about these magical Islands ...

Veega Land
Located in Cochin, its one of the best Theme Parks of South India. Read more....
Ocean Park 
Just near the Gandipet Lake, it has all the latest rides to ride on. See for yourself...
Junagrah Fort
The biggest Film City in India with real sets and real shooting. Know more....
Fun n Food 
The weekend destination, its has the good rides and water park. Know more...
The first and biggest with latest rides and water park, its a must go for place...
Adventure Island Delhi
Rides supplied by European manufacturers, it has the best rides in Delhi ...
Entertainment City in Noida
Considered the Disney Land of India, its a must go for place...
 Park Kolkata
The only Theme Park of Kolkatta, its has pretty good rides. Worth a visit....
Gujarat Science City
With Prez Abdul Kalam visiting it, it has a number of Scientific nicks with entertainment...
platinum Resorts
A good weekcaves/end destination as it has the theme park and resort in combination. Read on...

Tourism Ministry is developing Theme Parks such as Garden of Palms, Garden of Conifers, Valley of Animals etc. in Chandigarh.

Continuing with the efforts for promoting green Chandigarh, Ministry of tourism is also supporting Setting up of Theme Parks like Garden of Palms, Garden of Conifers, etc. In the month of March 2010, Ministry of Tourism has sanctioned Rs.4.51 crore which includes Rs. 3.11 crore  for Development of Garden of Palms, Rs. 1.40 crore for Garden - Valley of Animals.  Rs.1.76 crore for Development of Garden of Conifers in Chandigarh have also been sanctioned. 

The foundation stones of Garden of Palms (Sector-42) and Garden of Conifers (Sector -52) would be laid by the Hon’ble Minister for Tourism today i.e. 17.05.2010.

            Ministry of Tourism has sanctioned a unique project for promotion of night tourism. A world class illumination technology will be employed for projecting the unique architecture of the monuments and buildings of Chandigarh. Night tourism will include conducted tours to the buildings on eco friendly buses, food fairs and selected stoppages at chosen points etc will be packaged into the tour to make the ride an experience in itself. An amount of Rs. 4.98 crores has been earmarked for this venture.

            The Chandigarh College of Architecture, which is one of the premier institutions in the country, is on the panel of expert consultants of the Ministry of Tourism. Ministry of Tourism takes pride in having such a reputed institute among its knowledge bank.

In addition, Convention Centre for Chandigarh, Development of Garden of Spring and Development of Japanese Garden projects are under consideration for Central financial assistance to Chandigarh in the year 2010-11.

Ministry of Tourism has also been supporting the Rose Festival, Chandigarh Carnival, and New Year Celebrations etc which will continue to receive support.

            Coupled with the scenic beauty of foothills, greenery, view of majestic mountains, unique monuments, Rock Garden, and several gardens being proposed now, the city, Chandigarh would emerge to be a choice destination in the region.

Bharat Stage norms

The first Indian emission regulations were idle emission limits which became effective in 1989. These idle emission regulations were soon replaced by mass emission limits for both petrol (1991) and diesel (1992) vehicles, which were gradually tightened during the 1990’s. Since the year 2000, India started adopting European emission and fuel regulations for four-wheeled light-duty and for heavy-dc. Indian own emission regulations still apply to two- and three-wheeled vehicles.
Current requirement is that all transport vehicles carry a fitness certificate that is renewed each year after the first two years of new vehicle registration.
On October 6, 2003, the National Auto Fuel Policy has been announced, which envisages a phased program for introducing Euro 2 - 4 emission and fuel regulations by 2010.


Comparison between Bharat Stage and Euro norms

The Bharat Stage norms have been styled to suit specific needs and demands of Indian conditions. The differences lie essentially in environmental and geographical needs, even though the emission standards are exactly the same.
For instance, Euro-III is tested at sub-zero temperatures in European countries. In India, where the average annual temperature ranges between 24 and 28 degree Celsius, the test is done away with.
Another major distinction is in the maximum speed at which the vehicle is tested. A speed of 90 kmph is stipulated for BS-III, whereas it is 120 kmph for Euro-III, keeping emission limits the same in both cases.
In addition to limits, test procedure has certain finer points too. For instance, the mass emission test measurements done in g/km on a chassis dynamometer requires a loading of 100 kg weight in addition to unloaded car weight in Europe. In India, BS-III norms require an extra loading of 150 kg weight to achieve the desired inertia weight mainly due to road conditions here


  • 1991 - Idle CO Limits for Gasoline Vehicles and Free Acceleration Smoke for Diesel Vehicles, Mass Emission Norms for Gasoline Vehicles.

  • 1992 - Mass Emission Norms for Diesel Vehicles.

  • 1996 - Revision of Mass Emission Norms for Gasoline and Diesel Vehicles, mandatory fitment of Catalytic Converter for Cars in Metros on Unleaded Gasoline.

  • 1998 - Cold Start Norms Introduced.

  • 2000 - India 2000 (Eq. to Euro I) Norms, Modified IDC (Indian Driving Cycle), Bharat Stage II Norms for Delhi.

  • 2001 - Bharat Stage II (Eq. to Euro II) Norms for All Metros, Emission Norms for CNG & LPG Vehicles.

  • 2003 - Bharat Stage II (Eq. to Euro II) Norms for 11 major cities.

  • 2005 - From 1st April Bharat Stage III (Eq. to Euro III) Norms for 11 major cities.

  • 2010 - Bharat Stage III Emission Norms for 4-wheelers for entire country whereas Bharat Stage - IV (Eq. to Euro IV) for 11 major cities. 
    Indian Emission Standards (4-Wheel Vehicles)
    India 2000
    Euro 1
    Bharat Stage II
    Euro 2
    NCR*, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai
    NCR*, 10 Cities †
    Bharat Stage III
    Euro 3
    NCR*, 10 Cities †
    Bharat Stage IV
    Euro 4
    NCR*, 10 Cities †
    * National Capital Region (Delhi)
    † Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Pune, Surat, Kanpur and Agra

 Current news-----
The earlier deadline was April 1, and is now extended to July 1 to convert their models to Bharat Stage 3 for sale in 13 cities, including Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai. For sale in the rest of the country, auto makers would now have time until October 1 to switch their two-wheelers to BS 3. The move has given some relief to Hero Honda, which sells more than one million Splendors (Splendour is on BS 2) in a year, constituting 25 per cent of the company`s total annual sales. The brand also accounts for 13 per cent of the total domestic sales of motorcycles.
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