Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Quiz Questions


QUESTION 1: She was a national swimming champion, a jockey, a Miss India, an actress, and now,
a social activist. Who is being talking about?[hide]

ANSWER 1: Nafisa Ali

QUESTION 2: Which Indian was considered the "father of surgery?"[hide]

ANSWER 2: Sushruta

QUESTION 3: During the British rule of India there were a number of princely families. The
grandson of one of these Princes is now a popular Bollywood actor. Name the Prince in question
(the actor's grandfather).[hide]

ANSWER 3: Iftikhar Ali Khan Pataudi

QUESTION 4: Which India city got its name because of the presence of a large number of banyan
trees in that area?[hide]

ANSWER 4: Vadodara

QUESTION 5: This person paid the highest individual income tax in the mid 1990's — apart from
also featuring in advertisements that exhorted people to pay income taxes. Who?[hide]

ANSWER 5: Mithun Chakraborty

QUESTION 6: Which character, according to the Hindu mythology is said to have offered
herself/himself as food to a lion in order to prevent it from attacking a cow?
ANSWER 6: Dileepa, ancestor of Rama, as recounted in Kalidasa's Raghuvamsa.

QUESTION 7: Which district can claim to have produced the maximum number of Bharat Ratnas,
how many of them and who are they?[hide]

ANSWER 7: Ratnagiri District, with the following awardees :
Dhondo Keshav Karve
Pandurang Vaman Kane
B. R. Ambedkar

QUESTION 8: Which Indian politician was acting PM twice but never became the a Prime Minister?[hide]

ANSWER 8: Gulzarilal Nanda

QUESTION 9: How many Indians have won the Junior Singles' Event at Wimbledon? Name them.[hide]

ANSWER 9: Three Indians: Ramanathan Krishnan in 1954, his son Ramesh Krishnan in 1979, and Leander Paes in 1990

QUESTION 10: What connects M. S. Swaminathan, Verghese Kurien and Raja Ramanna,
the men behind the green, white and nuclear revolutions of India?[hide]

ANSWER 10: All three of them have won Padma Shri, Padma Vibhushan and Padma Bhushan awards.

QUESTION 11: A famous Indian personality was misplaced accidentally by the hospital staff when
he was born. This was found by his uncle because he had noticed a deformity in the baby on the first day.
Name this famous person whose life would have been different but for his uncle.

ANSWER 11: Sunil Gavaskar

QUESTION 12: Name the Indian athlete who lost a medal in an Olympic event by 100th of a second?[hide]
ANSWER 12: Pilavullakandi Thekkeparambil Usha (P.T. Usha), in the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics.

QUESTION 13: Who was the first Non-Congress Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, and what party
did he represent?[hide]

ANSWER 13: Choudhary Charan Singh, Bharatiya Lok Dal in 1967

QUESTION 14: When was the practice of pre-censoring movies introduced in India and by which

ANSWER 14: In 1918, with the cinematograph act.

QUESTION 15: He is supposed to be a prophet who migrated to Kashmir around 2000 years ago
and is believed to be the fifth advent of Buddha in some accounts. Who is being talking about?[hide]

ANSWER 15: Yuz Asaf

QUESTION 16: Which university is regarded (at least by some) to be the oldest in the world?[hide]

ANSWER 16: Takshashila

QUESTION 17: When the Babri Mosque was demolished in 1992, the Government of India asked the
Rajputana Rifles to go to Ayodhya and control the situation there. For the first time in history, a regiment refused to follow the government order citing a very strange but valid reason. What was the reason given by Rajputana Rifles for not obeying government's order?[hide]

ANSWER 17: Their battle cry was "Raja Ram Chandra ki Jai", that is, "Victory to Lord Rama. Their presence could have been perceived as favouring a community.

QUESTION 18: Who can be regarded as India's first rap singer and what is the song?[hide]
ANSWER 18: Ashok Kumar's Railgadi

QUESTION 19: Who is the most famous child of Prakash and Prem Peshawaria?[hide]
ANSWER 19: Kiran Bedi

QUESTION 20: P.T.Usha is probably most famous for losing out an Olympic track and field
Gold medal by a whisker in 1984. Lesser known is the fact that two other athletes from Kerala had also competed in the finals of a track and field event in the same Olympics. Who all?[hide]

ANSWER 20: 4X400m women's relay - M. D. Valsamma and Shiny Abraham (now Wilson) were the two other athletes from Kerala in the team. Vandana Rao, a non-Keralite completes the quartet.

QUESTION 21: Which film comedian is widely regarded as the first film comedian to receive the
Padma Shri from the Government of India? Also mention the year.[hide]
ANSWER 21: Relangi Venkata Ramaiah

QUESTION 22: Link the following.
Cole Porter
and the words Cash Mountain

ANSWER 22: The link is Kaun Banega Crorepati. Lenovo is the sponsor for the famous "Computerji" on the Indian version. Airtel is also a sponsor for KBC2. Cole porter wrote a song with that title. A proposal that became the TV show with that title was originally called Cash Mountain

QUESTION 23: Although mute, this resident of Kolkata received visitors from across India, and
around the world. At the time of his death within the last five years he was one of the oldest residents of Kolkata. What was his name?[hide]

ANSWER 23: Adwaita: An Aldabra Seychelles tortoise of Kolkotta (255 yrs old).

QUESTION 24: Connect Anthony Gonsalvez, Anand Babu, and Subbiah Rajarathinam.[hide]
ANSWER 24: Amar Kabaddi. Anthony Gonsalves was a character in Amar Akbar Anthony, Anand Babu in Amar Prem. Subbiah Rajarathinam plays Kabbadi, which has the three forms Surjeevani, Gaminee and Amar.

QUESTION 25: At what location is it said that Lord Vishnu made an offering to Lord Siva of an eye?[hide]
ANSWER 25: Kashi

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