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1. Which of the following Saint known as "Mahboob-ae-Dilli".

Ans : Nizammuddin Aulia

2. The Coin "Rupia" was first issued by—

Ans : Akbar

3. How many Central universities are there in India?

Ans : 20

4. who was the first European to translate the Bhagwat Gita into English?

Ans : Charles Wilkins

5. Tuzuk-i-baburi was a autabiography written by babur in which language—

Ans : Turkish

6. Which mughal emperor was also known as Qalandar?

Ans : babur

7. In 2003, Indian Railways Has completed?

Ans : 150 Years.

8.Which Indian Bank has the highest branches abroad?

Ans : SBI

9. The first Premature dissolution at the lok sabha took place in the year?

Ans : 1970

10. Tasleema's Nasreen's Autobiography?

Ans : Dwekhandita

11. The Office of District collector was created by?

Ans : Warren Hastings

12. what is the national sport of Greece?

Ans : Soccer

13. Which indian hockey player has a road named after him in germany?

Ans : Roop singh

14. In which year was men's hockey included in the Olympics?

Ans : 1924

15. Who gave Kapil Dev the nickname "Harayana Hurricane"?

Ans : Guinness Book of World Records.

16. Which cricketer, after his retirement from the game, served as India's High Commissioner in Australia?

Ans : K. S. Duleepsinghji

17. Who was the only cricketer to feature on a currency note of his country?

Ans : Sir Frank Worrell

18. In the history of Indian Cricket what 'first' does Faroukh Engineer have to his credit?

Ans : He was the first Indian to play County cricket ( for Lancashire in 1968)

19. Who was the only player dismissed for duck in the 1983 World Cup cricket final?

Ans : Kirti Azad (India)

20. Who was the first Hindu to play for the Pakistan national cricket team?

Ans : Anil Dalpat (wicket-keeper)

21. Which Australian cricketer, is nicknamed "Herby"?

Ans : Allan Border.

22. Who scored 99, 98 and 97 in three successive Test innings?

Ans : Clem Hill (Australia), 1902.

23. What is the importance of 14 Dec 1960 in Sports?

Ans : For the first time in cricket history a Test match was tied.

24. Who was the first victim of Kapil Dev in One day Internationals?

Ans : Imran Khan of Pakistan (Quetta October 1, 1978 his first match)

25. Who claimed the first wicket in Test cricket?

Ans : Allen Hill of England

26. "She was initially named Jeevan by her father, but later changed the name. By what name is this singer better known now? "

Ans : Norah Jones

27. Which former Miss India created history by deciding not to take part in the Miss Universe competition?

Ans : Nalini Vishwanathan

28. Which is the youngest and oldest of the new world religions?

Ans : Sikhism and Hinduism

29. In the 1980 film Kalyug which modern day actress played the role of Rekha's son?

Ans : Urmila Matondkar

30. Which is the national animal of Nepal?

Ans : Cow

31. In which Indian state would you find the largest church of Asia?

Ans : Goa

32. The country Suriname is in which continent?

Ans : South America

33. Where was the Durand Cup football tournament first played?

Ans : Shimla

34. JPY is the currency code of which country?

Ans : Japan

35. Who was the captain of India in Sachin Tendulkar's debut Test?

Ans : Krishnamachari Srikkanth

36. Which planet was discovered by William Herschel in 1781?

Ans : Uranus

37. Which country is the world's largest producer of wheat?

Ans : China

38. How do we better know a pugilist?

Ans : Boxer

39. Who wrote the poem 'Venus and Adonis'?

Ans : William Shakespeare

40. How is Sampooran Singh better known?

Ans : Gulzar

41. A.S Dilip Kumar is the original name of which famous music director?

Ans : A.R. Rahman

42. Which company was founded in 1924 by a former cash register salesman Thomas Watson?

Ans : IBM

43. Which Indian politician wrote 'Flight to Parliament'?

Ans : Rajesh Pilot

44. Who among these was the first to climb Mt. Everest without oxygen?

Ans : Phu Dorjee

45. "In computers, which term is used to refer to a collection of databases?"

Ans : Databank

46. What type of a creature is a mamba?

Ans : A snake

47. In which of these lakes are the Honeymoon Island and the Breakfast Island situated?

Ans : Chilka Lake

48. Which Indian President received the Templeton Prize in 1975?

Ans : Dr. S. Radhakrishnan

49. Which was the first Indian film to be nominated for the Oscar?

Ans : Mother India

50. Holi is celebrated in the month of—

Ans : Phalguna

51. Which city is the headquarters of the SAARC?

Ans : Kathmandu

52. Which U.S president won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1906?

Ans : Theodore Roosevelt

53. Which animal is given or lent to other countries by the Chinese government as a mark of friendship?

Ans : Panda

54. What is the more popular name of the Alsatian breed of dogs?

Ans : German Shepherd

55. Which is used to refer to data transfer rates in modem?

Ans : Cps

56. On which island were the extinct bird dodo found?

Ans : Mauritius

57. "Sourav Ganguly, Virender Sehwag, Pravin Amre" what have in common ?

Ans : Century on Test debut

58. "In the English translation of Rabindranath Tagore's 'Gitanjali', which famous poet wrote the introduction? "

Ans : W.B. Yeats

59. 'Tarkash' is a collection of Urdu poetry by which famous lyricist?

Ans : Javed Akhtar

60. Which former US president devised the name 'United Nations'?

Ans : Franklin D. Roosevelt

61. Which Indian won a Grammy award in the 2002 Grammy Awards?

Ans : Pandit Ravi Shankar

62. Aristotle was the teacher of which famous emperor?

Ans : Alexander the Great

63. "In 1980, the Indian government issued a stamp to honour which hockey legend?"

Ans : Dhyan Chand

64. Which of these actors played a negative role in Steven Spielberg's 'Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom'?

Ans : Amrish Puri

65. Who is the only cricketer to have played Test cricket for both England and India?

Ans : Iftikhar Ali Khan Pataudi

66. How is Badruddin Jamaluddin Kazi better known?

Ans Johnny Walker

67. Which of these games is also called 'Ping-Pong'?

Ans : Table tennis

68. Who has won the Nobel Prize twice?

Ans : Marie Curie

69. Who played the role of the young Raj Kapoor in the film 'Awara'?

Ans : Shashi Kapoor

70. Which of these computer languages was developed from an earlier language BCPL?

Ans : C

71. Which country was ruled by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk?

Ans : Turkey

72. By what name is the software program Multiplan now known?

Ans : MS Excel

73. By what name is actor R.K. Tuli better known?

Ans : Rajendra Kumar

74. "In 1640, which city was founded by Francis Day ?"

Ans : Madras

75. "In computers, what is the full form of OMR?"

Ans : Optical Mark Reading

76. Which famous director is the nephew of Dev Anand?

Ans : Shekhar Kapur

77. "In computers, which of these terms is used to refer to a temporary memory for data?"

Ans : Buffer

78. Who used the screen name 'Baby Rani' as a child actress?

Ans : Nargis

79. Who was the last ruler of the Delhi Sultanate ?

Ans : Ibrahim Lodi

80. Who was the first Asian to swim across the English Channel?

Ans : Mihir Sen

81. Who was the first Indian to participate in the Wimbledon tennis tournament?

Ans : Sardar Nihal Singh

82. Which is the most used metal in the world?

Ans : Iron

83. Who was the first Roman Catholic president of USA?

Ans : John F. Kennedy

84. Name the first artificial satellite launched by man.

Ans : Sputnik 1

85. "In Germany, who among these was known as Kaiser?"

Ans : Emperor

86. Which of these cities is both in Europe and Asia?

Ans : Istanbul

87. Which is the longest river in Asia?

Ans : Yangtze

88. Which Indian actresses acted in the film 'City of Joy'?

Ans : Shabana Azmi

89. Which game was once known as battledore?

Ans : Badminton

90. In which continent is the Gibson Desert?

Ans : Australia

91. Which is the hardest naturally occurring substance known to man?

Ans : Diamond

92. What was the name of the first personal computer?

Ans : Altair

93. Which planet was discovered by the American astronomer Clyde W.Tombaugh?

Ans : Pluto

94. "Which of these elements was discovered by Pierre Curie, Marie Curie and G. Bemont?"

Ans : Radium

95. What do we call a device for connecting computer network that has the facilities of both a bridge and a router?

Ans : Brouter

96. After which Prime Minister was Connaught Place renamed?

Ans : Rajiv Gandhi

97. Which hill station of India became an autonomous state in 1970?

Ans : Meghalaya

98. Which city became the capital of Punjab immediately after Independence?

Ans : Shimla

99. Who was given the title of 'Kavi Priya' by Akbar?

Ans : Birbal

100. Which term is used to describe a computer having the characteristics of both digital and analog computers?

Ans : Hybrid computer

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