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1. On what date Indo-US Nuclear cooperation treaty was signed?
2. Who headed IIM review Committee which recommended higher Government control on IIM?
3. On what date India launched its first Moon Mission Chandrayan?
4. What was the name of Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle which put Chandrayan I into orbit?
5. How many other countries have sent moon mission earlier?
6. Which IBSA summit concluded recently in New Delhi?
7. What is ACD?
8. Who is the new president of Maldives?
9. Which state topped the Government’s Primary Education Development Index?
10. What is EDI?
11. On what day National Consumer Rights Day is observed?
12. Who was the batsman put on the top in recent Reliance ICC Test Ranking?
13. Where was the 4000 years old Pyramid found recently?
14. Which country ranks top in gender equality?
15. Who has written the book-Politics & Politics-A Marxist Perspective?
16. Who was the first India to become the President of World Squash Federation?
17. What is Nerpa?
18. Who is the new Vice President of USA?
19. Who won Singapore Open Golf Recently?
20. Which state of India is least densely populated?
21. Which is the only country in South East Asia which is totally landlocked?
22. Where is security Printing Press?
23. What is the stretch of India from north to south?
24. What is ASEAN and where is its headquarters?
25. Orissa shares its longest border with which state?
26. Who founded PURA?
27. Who got the Qutub Minar Finished?
28. Which Veda gives the first classification of PRAN ( Respiration)?
29. What do we call collection of Budhdha’s Teaching?
30. Who was the first Muslim President of Indian National Congress?

1. October 11, 2008
2. RC Bhargava
3. October 22, 2008
4. PSLV-C-11
5. Three, India is Fourth
6. Third
7. Asia Cooperation Dialogue
8. Mohammed Anni Nasheed
9. Kerala
10. Education Development Index
11. December 24.
12. Mike Hussey
13. Egypt
14. Norway
Prakash Karat
16. N Ramchandran
17. A nuclear enabled submarine
Joe Biden
19. Jeev Milkha Singh
20. Arunachal Pradesh
21. Laos
22. Hyderabad
23. 3200 Kms
24. Association of South
East Asian
Nations, Jakarta
25. Andhra Pradesh
26. PURA is providing
Amenities in Rural Areas, and was founded by Honorable Former
President APJ
Abdul Kalam
27. Firoz Shah Tuglaq
28. Rig Veda
Budhdha Charita
30. Badruddin Tayyabji

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