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1. United Nations entities having primary role in providing protection and assistance in humanitarian cribes :
(A) World Food Programme
(D) All the above

2. Which of the following pair is not correct?
(A) Partial Test-Ban Treaty — 1963
(B) Antarctic Treaty — 1965
(C) NPT — 1968
(D) CTBT — 1996

3. When did International Criminal Police Organisation come into existence :
(A) 1914
(B) 1918
(C) 1917
(D) 1915

4. Which of the following UN organ can impose embargoes and sanctions or authorize the use of force :
(A) General Assembly
(B) International Court of Justice
(C) Secretary General
(D) Security Council

5. What is the official language of INTERPOL :
(A) English, Arabic
(B) French
(C) Spanish
(D) All the above

6. When did INTERPOL obtain observer status by the UN General Assembly :
(A) 15th Oct, 1996
(B) 15th Oct, 1998
(C) 15th Oct, 1997
(D) 15th Oct, 1999

7. Where is the headquarters of INTERPOL :
(A) U.S.A.
(B) U.K
(C) France
(D) Germany

8. When was International Mobile Satellite Organisation set-up :
(A) 1978
(B) 1979
(C) 1977
(D) 1988

9. Where is the headquarters of the International Mobile Satellite Organisation :
(A) U.K.
(B) U.S.A.
(C) Spain
(D) Netherlands

10. When was International Telecommunication Satellite Organisation founded :
(A) 1969
(B) 1964
(C) 1965
(D) 1962

11. Which of the following day is designated as the International Day of Peace :
(A) 1 January
(B) 31 December
(C) 21 September
(D) 15 August

12. Where is the headquarters of International Telecommuni- cation Satellite Organisation :
(A) Washington D.C.
(B) London
(C) Geneva
(D) Sweden

13. When was World Tourism Organisation established :
(A) 1921
(B) 1923
(C) 1925
(D) 1929

14. Where the University for Peace is established?
(A) Kenya
(B) Fiji
(C) Switzerland
(D) Costa Rica

15. Where is the headquarters of the World Tourism Organisation:
(A) Spain
(B) U.K.
(C) U.S.A.
(D) India

16. When was International Air Transport Association founded:
(A) 1949
(B) 1945
(C) 1947
(D) 1948

17. Where is the headquarters of International Air Transport Association :
(A) Canada
(B) Singapore
(C) France
(D) None of the above

18. Where is the headquarters of International Road Federation:
(A) Netherlands
(B) Spain
(C) France
(D) Switzerland

19. Where is the headquarters of International Confederation of Free Trade Union :
(A) Belgium
(B) Denmark
(C) Zambia
(D) Namibia

20. When was the World Federation of Trade Union founded :
(A) 1949
(B) 1945
(C) 1946
(D) 1942

21. Where are the regional offices of World Federation of Trade Unions :
(A) New Delhi, Havana
(B) Daka, Damascus
(C) Moscow
(D) All the above

22. Where is the headquarters of the World Federation of Trade Union :
(A) Czech Republic
(B) Russia
(C) U.K.
(D) U.S.A.

23. When was European Trade Union Confederation established :
(A) 1974
(B) 1973
(C) 1971
(D) 1978

24. Where is the headquarters of European Trade Union Confederation :
(A) Italy
(B) Democratic Republic of the Congo
(C) Belgium
(D) Albania

25. When was World Confederation of Labour founded :
(A) 1920
(B) 1921
(C) 1923
(D) 1924

Answers :

1.(D) 2.(B) 3.(A) 4.(C) 5.(D) 6.(A) 7.(C) 8.(B) 9.(A) 10.(B) 11.(C) 12.(A) 13.(C) 14.(D) 15.(A) 16.(B) 17.(A) 18.(D) 19.(A) 20.(B) 21.(D) 22.(A) 23.(B) 24.(C) 25.(A)


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