Saturday, June 12, 2010

Quiz Time

1." The Magna Carta of English Education in India" began only after the visit of _____

  • Hunter

  • Sir Charles Wood

  • Lord Macaulay

  • William bentick

  • 2. University Act of 1904 was passed during the time of _____
  • Lord Lytton

  • Lord Rippon

  • Lord Curson

  • Lord Dalhousie

  • 3.The permanent land revenue settlemt was announced by____________.
  • Lord Lytton

  • Lord Wellesley

  • Lord Curson

  • Lord Dalhousie

  • 4.Who is the first Indian woman to SKI to the South Pole?

    5. Who is the Chief Minister of Jharkhand?(May 2010)

    6.What type if ship is INS CHAKRA?
  • Frigate

  • Mine Sweeper

  • Air Craft Carrier

  • Nuclear Attack Submarine

  • Oil tanker

  • 7.What is the full for of "S.S.A"? ( COnnected to Education)
    8.Who is the first woman speaker fo Lok Sabha?

    9.The Year was declared as the Year of ____________by UNO.

    10.What is the full form of COBRA?

    11.Name the longest river of South America

    12. Himalayas can be classified into
  • Groups of mountains

  • Gordillera

  • Individual mountains

  • Chain Mountains

  • Folded Mountains

    13. Which one of the following is close to equator?
  • Scrubs

  • Grass lands

  • Dense Forest

  • Scattered Trees

  • 14.Which Asian country carries out maximum Paddy cultivation.

    15. Which country has the largest petroleum reserves in the world?

    16.What is a computer's microschip ( Semi Conductor) made from?

    17. Who built India's first 5 Star Hotel "Taj Mahal" in Mumbai 1903?

    18.Which company boasts an annual turnover of over 300 core, started some decades ago wiht a borrowed coapital of just Rs.80/-?

    19.Which commodity contributes most to Inida's major share of exports?

    20.Which Bollywood actor owns a Boutique and A Restaurant named "Mischeif"?
    Shah Rukh Khan
    Sunil Shetty
    Sanjay Dutt
    Salman Khan

    21.What is the "fear of computers" is known as?

    22.What is the term for unauthorized access to a computer's program for fun or frudulent purposes?

    23.What is the maximum capacity of a cd-rom?

    24.What is the longest key in a normal keyboard of a computer or typewriter?

    25.What term refers to a circuit consisting of a unitary structure with no connecting wires?

    Answers to GK quiz:

    1. Lord Macaulay

    2. Lord Curzon
    3. Lord Wellesley
    4. Reena Kaushal

    5. Sibhu Soren
    6. Nuclear Attack Submarine
    7. Sarva Siksha Abhiyan
    8. Meera Kumar
    9. Biodiversity
    10. Combat Battalion for Resolute Action
    11. Amazon
    12. Folded Mountains
    13. Dence Forest

    14. Bangaladesh
    15. Saudi Arabia
    16. Slicon
    17. Jamshetji Tata
    18.Lijjat Papad
    19. Jewellery and Gems
    20. Sunil Shetty
    21.Cyber Phobia
    23. 700 MB.
    24. Spacebar
    25.Integrated Circuit

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