Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Self Employed Women’s Association

  • SEWA is a trade union registered in 1972. 
  • It is an organisation of poor, self-employed women workers. 
  • These are women who earn a living through their own labour or small businesses. 
  • They do not obtain regular salaried employment with welfare benefits like workers in the organised sector. They are the unprotected labour force of our country. 
  • Constituting 93% of the labour force, these are workers of the unorganised sector. 
  • Of the female labour force in India, more than 94% are in the unorganised sector. However their work is not counted and hence remains invisible. 

US Secretary of state Mrs. Hillary Clinton’ visit to “SEWA-Hansiba” at Mumbai , 18th July 2009.
US Secretary of State, Mrs. Hillary Clinton visited “Hansiba” the retail shop of SEWA’s Trade Facilitation Center at Napean Sea Road, Mumbai on 18th July 2009. SEWA’s Founder Mrs. Ela Bhatt welcomed her traditionally with a garland made of natural fibers- banana fiber from Nepal, Hemp from Bangladesh and Cotton from Pakistan.

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