Thursday, August 20, 2009


Author and Books

+ - R.K.Narayan
Swami Friends
The Guide
Waiting For The Mahatma
The Grandmother's Tale
The Dark Room
My Days
The Financial Expert
Painter of Sains
Gods, Demons and Others

+ - Salman Rushdie
Midnight's Children
Satanic Verses
Moor's Last Sign
The Enchantress of Florence
Jaguar Smile
Shalimar The Clown
Imaginary HomeLands

+ - Sarojini Naidu
Golden Threshold
The Broken Wing
The Bird Of Time
The Magic Lute

+ - Sashi Tharoor
The Great Indian Novel
The Elephant, the Tiger and the Cell Phone
Bookless in Baghdad
Nehru: The Invention of India
India: From Midnight to the Millenium
Reasons of State
Show business
The Five Dollar Smile and Other Stories

+ - Vikram Seth
A Suitable Boy
The Golden Gate
An Equal Music
Beastly Tales
Three Chinese Poets
All You Who Sleep Tonight
From Heaven lake
Two Lives

+ - Bankim Chandra Chatterjee
Devi Chaudharani

+ - Amrita Pritam
Doctor dev
Death Of A City

+ - Jumpa Lahiri
Interpreter Of Maladies
Unaccustomed Earth
The Namesake

+ - Kamala Das
summer in Calcutta
Alphabet Of Lust

+ - Kamala Markandaya
Nectar In a Sieve
Some Inner Fury
A Silence Of Desire

+ - Khushwant Singh
Train To Pakistan
History of the Sikhs

+ - Manohar Malgaonkar
Distant Drum
Combat Of Shadow
The Devil's Wind

+ - Mulk Raj Anand
Two Leaves And A Village
Private Life Of An Indian Prince
Confession Of a Lover

+ - Nirad C.Chaudhari
The Autobiography Of an UNknown Indian
A Passage To England

+ - Niseim Ezekiel
A Time To Change

+ - Raja Rao
The Serpant And The Rope
The Cant and The Shakespeare

+ - A.K.Ramanujan
The striders
Second sight

+ - Amithbh Ghosh
In an Antique Land
The Glass palace
The Shadow Lines
The Circle Of Reason
The Hungry Tide
Sea of Poppies

+ - Anita Desai
Clear Light of Day
The Accompaniest
Fire On The Mountain
A village by the sea

+ - Arundhati Roy
Massey Sahib
The God of Small Things
Electric Moon
The Shape of the Beast
The End of Imagination
The Algebra of Infinite Justice
The Cost of Living
Power Politics
War Talk

+ - Amit Chaudhry
A Strange and Sublime Address
Afternoon Rag

+ - Nayantara Sehgal
A voice For Freedom

+ - Deepak Chopara
Ageless Body and Timeless Mind

+ - S.Radhakrishnan

An idealist View Of Life

+ - Rabindra Nath tagore
Court Dancer
Crescent Moon

+ - L.K.Advani
My Country, My Life
A Prisoner’s Scrap Book

+ - APZ Abdul Kalam
Wings of Fire
Ignited Minds
India 2020
Scientist to President

+ - Indira Gandhi
My Truth
Eternal India

+ - Nandan Nilekani
Imagining India

+ - Aravind Adiga
The White Tiger
Between the Assasination
The Elephant

+ - Kiran Desai
The Inheritance of Loss

+ - Anita Desai
Fasting Feasting
In Custody
Fire on the Mountain
The Village By The Sea
Clear Light of Day

+ - V.S.Naipaul
India-A Wounded Civilisation
Area of Darkness
Million Mutinies Now
House for Mr. Biswas
A Bend in the river

+ - Narayan Murthy
A Better India,A Better world

+ - Barack Obama
Dreams From My Father
The Audacity of Hope

+ - Bill Clinton
Between hope and History
My Life

+ - Hillary Clinton
It Takes a Village
An Invitation to White House
Living History

+ - Z A Bhutto
Great Tragedy
I am Assassinated

+ - Aung San Suu Kyi
Freedom from Fear
The Voice of hope
Letters from Burma

+ - Dalai lama
Universe in a Single Atom

Jashwant Singh

Jinnah — India, Partition, Independence

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