Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Notes on Early Vedic Age

EARLY VEDIC AGE (1500- 1000B.C)
-Knew nothing about sea

Social Condition
- Semi nomadic and pastoral people
- Women equal to man
- Well established institution of marriage
- Division of class ‘ Aryan and Dasyu’

Staple crop: Barley and barley only (Yava)

Coins Unknown: Barter system was practiced.

War: Known as ‘Gavishthi’- in search of cows

‘Ayas”:- For copper and bronze
- No clear evidence of trade
- Knew Gold but not silver

Religion:- Primitive Animism
Indra: Greatest God- 259 Hymn in Rigveda, called ‘Purandara’ or Breaker of forts
Sindhu:- River par excellence for Aryans
Agni:- 200 hymns
Varuna:- Personified water “Ethically the highest”
Savitri:- A solar deity to whom the famous Gayatrimantra is attributed.
Male Gods dominated.

Rigveda: Presents the earliest specimen of Indo European language.

Aryans entered India through Khyber Pass.

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