Thursday, August 13, 2009


AfghanistanDry and fresh fruits, wool carpets
AustraliaWool, dairy products, meat
AustriaTextile, leather goods, electro-technical machines
BrazilFoot wear, coffee, iron ore
BelgiumGlass, textiles, transport equipment
CanadaNewsprint, machinery
ChileCopper, iron ore
CongoOil, tobacco, plywood
CubaSugar, tobacco, textiles, chemicals
DenmarkFur,farm products
FranceTextile, wine, silk, iron and steel products
GermanyMachinery, chemicals, iron and steel products
GhanaCocoa, gold, coffee
IndiaJute, textile, sugar, hides and skins, tobacco, tea, cement, mica
IndonesiaSugar, spices, rubber, rice, petroleum, carpets, leather
IranPetroleum, carpets, dry fruits
IraqDates, Petroleum
ItalyMercury, textiles, foodstuffs, footwear
JapanMachinery, textiles, toys, silk, automobiles, electronic goods
KenyaCoffee, tea, meat, sisal, hides, skins, cement, soda ash
KuwaitPetroleum, Shrimp
MalaysiaRubber, tin, timber, petroleum
NetherlandsMachinery, natural gas, chemicals
Saudi ArabiaOil, dates, petroleum and its products
SpainLead, fresh fruits, textiles
SwedenMatches, timber, iron ore
SwitzerlandWatches, chemicals, electrical
TaiwanCamphor, rice
UKTextiles, medicines, machinery cars
USAPetroleum, wheat, machinery, coal, automobiles, iron, grains
RussiaPetroleum, wheat, chemicals, heavy machinery, iron, gold
VietnamTin, rice, rubber, teak, mineral ores

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