Friday, August 21, 2009

Indian Polity - III

  • The words "socialist", "secular" and "integrity" were introduced in the 42nd Amendment act.
  • In Beruberi's Case SC held that preamle is not a part of the constitution
  • But in Kesavananda Bharti V. State of Kerala Case, the SC rejected the above view and held that preamble is a part of the constitution
  • In Excel Wear V. Union of India, the SC held that "socialist" word in preamble is to provide a decent standard of life to the working people and especially provide security from cradle to grave.
  • In Minerva Mills Case, the importance of premble is realised. Chief Justice observed: " the edifice of our constitution falls upon the concepts crystallised in the preamble".
  • Members of the drafting Committee: Dr. B. R. Ambedakar (Chairman), Alladi Krishna Swami Ayyar, K.M. Munshi, N. G. S. Ayangar, Md. Sadullah, N. Madhav Rao ( in place of B. L. Mitra), DP Khetan ( T. Krishnamachari after Khetan Death)

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