Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Population Geography and Transport

  • Khasa, Tharu and Bhotia tribes in UP
  • Highest % of SC in Punjab and highest % of ST in Mizoram whereas highest SC in absolute numbers is in UP and in absolute number highest ST population in MP
  • Dangs tribe in Gujarat
  • Major tribes in India- Gond-Bhil-Santhal-Meena
  • European+Indian= Mestizo
  • Sex ratio among UTs highest in Pondicherry and lowest in Daman & Diu
  • Child sex ratio among UTs highest in Dadra& Nagar Haveli and lowest in Chandigarh
  • Highest decadal growth rate of population in Nagaland, then Sikkim
  • Lowest decadal growth rate of population in Kerala and then Tamil Nadu
  • Highest literacy rate among UTs in Lakshadweep and lowest in D &NH
  • Highest IMR in India in OrissaKanis and Uralis tribes in Kerala
  • Sahariya and Koli tribes in Rajasthan
  • Buksa tribe can be found in UP and Warli tribe in Mahrashtra.Warlis can be found in Gujarat as well
  • Most populous cities of India Mumbai-Delhi-Bangalore-Kolkata
  • Denotified tribes are those which were earlier criminal
  • Literacy rate wise Jains-Christians-Buddhists-Sikhs-Hindus-Muslims
  • Valmiki, Nayak,Lambada tribes in Andhra Pradesh
  • Munda-Koli languages belong to Austro-Asiatic type
  • Toda,Irula,Badaga,Paliyan and kadar tribes in Tamil Nadu
  • Birhol tribe in Jharkhand
  • Konyak tribe in Nagaland
  • Between 15 degree North to 45 deg North 45 % of the world population lives
  • NH 17 runs entirely through desert(Pathankot to Shamiakhiali)
  • Ennore in Tamil Nadu is the first corporate port in India
  • Chennai port is an artificial port and it is the oldest port in India
  • Maharashtra has highest number of ports in India
  • Indian Railways is now reorganized into 16 Zones
  • The Research, Design and Standards Organization (RDSO) at Lucknow is the R&D
    wing of Indian Railways. It functions as a consultant to the Indian Railways in
    technical matters
  • Since 1924-25, railway finances remain separated from general revenues
  • Though
    the National Highways, which is the responsibility of the Central Government, has
    about 66,590 km (Annexure-I) length and comprises only 2 per cent of the total
    length of roads, carries over 40 per cent of the total traffic
  • The NHDP is the largest highway project ever undertaken
    in the country. The NHDP is being implemented by National Highways Authority of India
  • Approximately, 90 per cent of the country’s trade by volume (70 per cent in terms of
    value) is moved by sea. India has the largest merchant shipping fleet among the
    developing countries and ranks 20th amongst the countries
  • Presently 13 major ports and 200 other ports in India
  • Cochin Shipyard is the largest shipyard in the country
  • First private airport in Cochi
  • Kandala is a tidal port.So is Kolkata
  • Vizag port is the deepest port in India
  • Highest % of National Highways in UP and the MP
  • Rural and other roads constitute the highest % of roads in India
  • India has bilateral Air Services Agreements with 103 countries
  • India Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC) came into existence in October 1966
  • The Indian Institute of Tourism and Travel Management (IITTM) located in Gwalior
  • Gujarat has highest number of ports
  • Dufferin, Indias first training ship.Chanakya-India's present training ship
  • Length of road highest in Maharashtra
  • Mundra Port, a newly developed minor port in the state of Gujarat registered a cargo traffic of around 28.8 million tonnes per annum during the financial year of 2008, which is higher than that of many major ports
  • Bhopal Shatabdi is the train in India with highest speed
  • Maximum airports in Gukarat
  • Maximum major ports in Tamil Nadu
  • 23% of the total railway route electrified
  • Konkan railway passes through Maharshtra, Goa and Karnataka
Courtesy:India Year Book 2009,Wikipedia

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