Friday, August 21, 2009

Indian Polity - V

  • At the time of independence, there were 9 British provinces and 542 princly states
  • V.B. Patel is known as "Bismark of India" because of the integration of princly states.
  • On the linguistic basis, AP was the first state independent India.
  • Acquisition of Citizenship:

a. by birth: Those born in Indian on or after Jan 26 1950 before June 30 1987. After July 1, 1987, if either of the parents were citizens of India at the time of birth. ( to control refugees coming from Bangladesh etc.)

b. by descent: Person born outside India on or after Jan 26, 1950 shall be a citizen of Indian if his father is a citizen of India at the time of person's birth. ( the above two categories are natural citizens)

c. By registration: 1. If he is of Indian origin and has been resident in India for five years.

d. By Naturalisation: A foreigner: By taking an oath of Allegiance to the constitution of India.

e. By incorporation of territory.


1. Renunciation: If he voluntary renounces

2. Termination: If he acquires citizenship of other country.

3. Deprivation: By an act of Government of India

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